Looking for parents to serve on C.E.C.

Borough President Scott Stringer’s office is looking for new Community Education Council members to fill the roster for the next two years. A notice from the BP’s office stated that they are looking for “qualified, community-oriented individuals with an interest and background in education” to serve on Manhattan’s C.E.C.s.

These councils are advisory bodies on education policy. They review schools programs, approve zoning lines and advise the Chancellor. Each C.E.C. consists of nine elected parent volunteers whose children are in the K-8th grade range, two members appointed by the Borough President and one non-voting high school senior who lives and goes to school in the district and represents his or her school.

The council is expected to meet at least every month with the superintendent and public to discuss the issues facing schools in their district.

Stringer’s office is accepting applications for one the appointed positions for Manhattan’s District 2, which includes almost all of Lower Manhattan, stretching up to 58th St. on the West Side and to about 96th St. on the East Side except the Lower East Side and part of Chinatown, which are in District 1. The term lasts for two years with a limit of two terms. At the end of the term, if a person wants to re-apply, they are interviewed by Stringer’s office and a decision is made based on qualifications and previous work.

For more information, or to apply, contact Sally Frank at the Borough President’s office at sfrank@manhattanbp.org or visit manhattanbp.org.

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