Letters, Comments, Week of Feb. 20, 2013


To The Editor:
I found it very inappropriate for Jerry Tallmer to describe the late Ed Koch as a “certified ‘Hebe’” and for Downtown Express to print this hateful epithet (Notebook, Feb. 6 – 19, “From City Hall to silver screens: The Life of Ed Koch”). Even if this was meant as a joke, such offensive language is clearly unacceptable in this day and age. What were you thinking?
Yehuda Shapiro

Editor’s Note: It was a close call for us, but we do allow our columnists some more leeway than other writers. We felt that in context, it was clear that Jerry Tallmer, a longtime acquaintance of Ed Koch, was neither slurring him or Jews in general. We apologize to Mr. Shapiro and to any other readers who were offended.

Our Favorite online comments:

“Vietnam to 9/11 to Sandy: A veteran of the three retires in B.P.C.” (News, Feb. 6):

Thanks for this article on Vince. We have worked closely. At BPC and in his breakout role developing Hudson River Park! Vince worked hard and was really all about community. His impact was great and such a pleasant person!

I can attest he spent many hours in the parks of BPC & Hudson River Park (especially Pier 25 where he had to put up with me and many others. Again, he worked hard and developed great things. He should write a book on program implementation and good government.

I cannot find the words to say thanks for all you did for Downtown. Thanks Vince.

Bob Townley
Director and Founder of Manhattan Youth 

B.P.C. has lost a valiant member of the community! Vince may not have lived in BPC but he is a strong part of the fabric of the community. He gave new meaning and look to work as he always led with a smile and a wave. Everywhere the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy touches from the parks to Conservancy events or community events like the BPC Block Party…his passion, dedication and abilities contributed so much to the success of the neighborhood…he truly is a good neighbor!

Vince, thank you…you will be greatly missed!
T. Meltzer

“City Planning OKs Pier 17 plan with modifications” (News, Feb. 6, 2013):

I have always wondered about the various shops and restaurants and the South Street complex generally. For all that it is a tourist destination, on the occasions I have been there, that has always seemed to me most used by New Yorkers. Not least, it has seemed to be a major attitude-readjustment venue at the end of the week for people employed in the financial district. I have seen the changes over the years, and it seems to me that each time primarily-local use is ignored, and some grand scheme is pursued, to the extent it is implemented, its inevitable failure just damages the Seaport as a fun place to hang out. I used to go fairly often; now I never bother, haven’t for some time…
R. Rassendyll

“Smith Houses & others on L.E.S. central to NYCHA’s plan to raise more money” (News, Feb. 7, 2013):

More gifts for the real estate moguls at the expense of the working class New Yorker, disgusting.

Obstructing a popular tourist view of the Manhattan Bridge as you walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

A WALK ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE is one of those MUST DOs for anyone visiting New York City. The baseball field at the Smith Project sits on the north side of the Brooklyn Bridge. And the parking lot stretches north along the F.D.R. A luxury HIGH RISE at either sites will block the northern view as everyone walks the Brooklyn Bridge. You won’t be able to see the Manhattan Bridge for the first quarter mile.

Please help save the view from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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