Fighting the good war on guns

After another bloody mass shooting — this time at the Newtown elementary school in Connecticut — we are once again left numb and feeling helpless at the senseless violence.

Twenty-six lives wiped out — 20 young children and six teachers and staff. The shooter — a low-functioning, troubled individual, unfortunately schooled in how to shoot automatic weapons by his survivalist mom — took his own life, but not before blowing away his instructor.

Every day since has been a ‘typical’ day in our country with multiple killings from gunshot wounds — the Christmas Eve murder of two firefighters in Upstate New York has gotten the most media attention. Unfortunately, there is too much truth to filmmaker Michael Moore’s statement that ‘Guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people.’

It seems like just yesterday that we were reading about and seeing shocking images of Gabbie Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman gunned down by a crazed shooter. Though severely and permanently injured, Giffords survived. Six others weren’t so lucky. Giffords has become a face of gun violence. Every time we see her on TV, we’re painfully reminded of our country’s gun insanity.

After Tucson there was a flurry of calls for stricter gun control, for a ban on automatic weapons, at least on high-capacity ammunition clips. However, politicians’ fear of the powerful gun lobby resulted in the same old inertia.

This time, though, it seems there is real momentum to achieve reform since even some reliable N.R.A. supporters in Congress have voiced support for common sense restrictions. The horror of young lives rubbed out by a disturbed individual is just too much to bear. A collective realization is sweeping the country that we must do something, and do it now.

President Obama, showing a refreshing resolve to take on the N.R.A. and try to sway the cowardly, self-interested politicians, has finally called forcefully for regulations on high-capacity clips and automatic weapons, as he must. That caliber firepower simply isn’t needed by average people.

Here Downtown, spiritual, community and political leaders have been coming together to pray for an end to the madness — and to demand reform.

Finally, Mayor Bloomberg absolutely deserves recognition for pressuring the president to step up and strengthen our nation’s gun laws. Bloomberg’s staunch gun-control stance may be the most enduring part of his legacy as mayor, and he is doing himself — and our city — proud at this moment.

In the chilling aftermath of Newtown, working together with a renewed will, we can save lives by reducing the amount of senseless gun violence.

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4 Responses to Fighting the good war on guns

  1. this blog is so good i would come here every dayasdf456sd4f6s4ad6f5

  2. Hey ! Here's a news flash. How about fighting the real war on Hollywood's long history on the portrayal violent shootouts that helped shape minds like the one that caused all that havoc. Also, not to forget, how about waging a war against the makers of all the violent video games that show no consequences for their actions. They don't show crying mothers and fathers when you eliminate your opponent. See, it's the people from the entertainment industry who live in safe neighborhoods who can hired armed bodyguards to protect them. That's why more gun laws won't solve the problem. Plus, criminals don't follow rules and regulations. They live by their own laws. The ones they make up as they go along. Maybe that's why they're probably big fans of people like Michael Bloomberg and The Liberal Democrat Left.

    Finally, here's some food for thought. The nations with the toughest gun laws have the highest crime rate. Washington D.C., New York, and California have very strict gun laws. However, maybe not New York in overall crime, look at the incidents involving guns in the hands of criminals as opposed to law abiding citizens. How Chicago ? The former home of our current president Barack Obama. How many people got killed by all those drive by shootings ? A lot. I understand that what happened in Connecticut was a unique but unfortunate situation. The mother should have never brought a son who has serious emotional and psychological problems to a gun range. That's where the real focus belongs in this whole argument on gun violence. So, before you jumping on the bandwagon of gun control and more gun laws, think of going after the real culprits that are to blame that I mentioned in the first paragraph above.


  3. years ago there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. Make waehtver claims you want but face the facts. If this murderer had never touched a firearm it would have been a backpack filled with homemade explosives and a few pounds of ball bearings and nails or maybe just pouring some unleaded on the carpets near doors tossing a match as he walks out. Ban guns and just get bombs or chemicals or biologicals Hey, a few castor bean husks ground up the right way and viola! Ricin dust.falling out of a bunch of balloons floating across ____ you pick a place. For rhe record and before one of you starts dialing the FBI, Homeland Security or the internet watchdog agency I’m a retired Police Officer who specialized in Counter Terrorism and Protective Service Operations. FACE IT, you CANNOT STOP a Black Swan attack and if you forced the political leaders to try well, think about living in Bagdad or Kabul .with no USA for your kids to go to school in. Those of you with personal agendas pre-dating this horrible act will once again cry high and low over guns, guns, guns! Meanwhile ignoring FACTS. Stop coddling evil doers, stop crying he was mis-treated as a little boy! His Daddy used- OMG a BELT! You want statistics how ’bout the number of Americans men, women, children killed by drunk drivers every year. Hell of alot more than guns violence even counting Chicago. Look real good, how many of them are multiple DWI/DUI offenders? Of them, how many are re-offending while awaiting trial after injuring or killing someone the previous time they’re stopped? Continue with the stats take a look at multiple child abuse offenders or the SOBs beating their wives infront of their kids (MY story as a child) all of them knowing men and women sworn to keep the peace can’t tied by the checkerboard of laws not caused by Liberals or Conservatives tby policitical and economic fear of law suits which brings us right back to Aurora. Is there ANY doubt he did it? NO. But still, he’ll be found incompetant maybe even just temporarily and in the end we’ll cage him along with others like him. He’ll have better food than the poor downtown, better health care than I do right now truth be told, better lodgings than Active Duty enlisted men and women.And NO that was not hyperbole- look into the facts. Finally, I give you credit for at least saying Semi-Automatic. By legal definition an Assault Weapon is capable of firing more than one bullet on a single pull of the trigger = Automatically. A semi automatic Smith & Wesson M&P just looks like a scary black rifle like G.I. Joe uses in Afghanistan or his father used in Vietnam He could have just used a Browning BAR hunting rifle or Ruger 10-22 or just reloaded the shotgun leading to thto the same unfortunate, terrible, otsickening effect. And that comes back to the point, take guns and evil will still happen if the bad guy wants it bad enough.

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