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  1. jan
    May 16, 2012

    Let's not let Bloomberg off the hook for the City Time "money pit" – a loss of $722 Million , which is still bleeding money from the City coffers, is not only an embarrassment it's irresponsible government. WHY has no one been fired for this? The honorable thing to do is to 'fess up to the crime of squandering $722 million of our tax money, that could have gone to save the programs mentioned in Councilmember Chin's editorial, and to FIRE those responsible for being to grossly negligent that this drastic cut to education and school programs "had to" be made.
    Do you THINK for one minute that if someone in Bloomberg's private company lost $722 million that they'd still have a job? These are very sad times that we are living in under this Mayor's irresponsible decisions.
    J. Lee

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