Police Blotter, March 14, 2012

Village rape
Police arrested a rape suspect around 8 p.m. Mon. March 5 on E. Ninth S. just east of Broadway. An hour earlier, two witnesses phoned 911 saying a suspect with his pants down around his ankles was raping an unconscious woman on the floor of an ATM foyer at 785 Broadway at E.10th St. The witnesses, identified as Joshua Seldman and Kimberly Howitt, followed the suspect while on the phone and alerted two Sixth Precinct officer who arrested the suspect a short distance from the scene. Trasajilla Gilbey, 27, an Inwood resident, was charged with first degree rape. The victim told the responding Emergency Medical Service team that she was punched in the face and raped, police said. She was taken to Beth Israel Hospital where she refused to give her name, according to police.

Baruch slay trial
The trial of Joel Herrera, 20, charged with the September 2009 stabbing death of Glenn Wright, 21, who was helping his grandmother clean her windows in the Baruch Houses on the Lower East Side, has entered its second week. Wright, a resident with his family of East Harlem, had stepped out of his grandmother’s Lower East Side apartment for a rest when a group of youths attacked him. Herrera has told police that he mistook Wright for someone who earlier had beaten one of his friends. The intended target is believed to have lived in the same Baruch Houses building as Wright’s grandparents. Wright, who was not a gang member, mentored young members of an after-school robotics team.

Silver seeks buy-back
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last week called on Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to sponsor a gun buy-back program in response to several recent shooting incidents on the Lower East Side. In his March 7 letter to law enforcement officials, Silver said that many constituents, particularly New York City Housing Authority tenants, have raised alarms about gun violence in the neighborhood. “I believe it is time to take further action to combat this scourge,” Silver said. ”Your offices have run successful gun buy-backs in the past and this has proved to be an effective and popular method for removing guns from our communities,” Silver added. “The community room at Rutgers Houses [200 Madison St,} would be a perfect location and the tenant association leadership has indicated its support,” the Speaker said.

Retrieved snatched art
Kristen Dodge, owner of the Dodge Gallery at 15 Rivington St. between Bowery and Chrystie St. chased a thief who stole paintings from a show in her gallery on Saturday afternoon March 3. She was able to retrieve the art but the suspect got away. Dodge was talking with the artist, Ellen Harvey, when she noticed that four of the painting were gone, according to reports on the Lodownny.com and Art in America magazine. She ran into the street and spotted a man with four paintings under his arm before he disappeared. In a lumber yard nearby, she saw him again and yelled at employees to call police. She found the four stolen paintings leaning against the checkout counter and retrieved them but the thief escaped.

— Albert Amateau

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