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To the Editor,

Re. “Uncivil and dangerous” (letter, by Bill Weinberg, Nov. 2):

Mr. Weinberg provides an extreme example of hostile selfishness. Actually, two examples.

I could match that with the callous indifference manifested by an exiting motorist who flung his car door open and caused me to crash into his door violently. I suffered multiple fractures in my wrist and forearm.

But I wonder if what really hurts America the most is the absence of small gestures of courtesy and goodwill in ordinary, daily life.

Some 45 years ago I recall a man holding open a door for a woman in a bustling Grand Central Station. That kind of a small act of courtesy, alas, seems largely gone in today’s “every man for himself, dog-eat-dog” society.

P.S.: I don’t believe dogs eat other dogs.
Michael Gottlieb

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