Chin and the one percent

To the Editor:
Re. “‘Occupy’ Movement signal to D.C.” (guest editorial, by Margaret Chin, Oct. 12):

For The Downtown Express to designate Margaret Chin as a speaker for Occupy Wall Street is like awarding Donald Rumsfeld the Nobel Peace Prize. The councilmember’s land-use policies in Soho, on the Bowery and in Chinatown completely favor the 1 percent. Yes, the “anger is palpable” — everyone in Soho detests Chin’s support for the business improvement district that is being forced down our throats by the 1 percent.

Chin continues that O.W.S., “however hazily defined, demands more transparency.” She must be talking about the Chinatown BID vote that claims 97 percent of the property owners voted for this private government, even though 600 small property owners registered their official opposition with the City Clerk. Even Gaddafi or the ayatollahs of Iran never dared to claim 97 percent of the vote in their dummy elections.

Ultimately, Chin calls for “responsible banking.” She must be talking about the 1 percent at First American International Bank, the foreign-owned bank she generously helped by overturning the landmark designation of 135 Bowery.

Yes, the anger of the 99 percent is palpable and Madame Chin will taste it in the 2013 election. You betcha!
Carl Rosensteins

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  1. Title: Rosensteins and the NazinnTo the Editor:nRe: "Chin and the one percent"u00a0 (Letters to the editor, by Carl Rosensteins, Nov. 9)nnIt is very sad to see label-sticking on that headline. To borrow Rosensteins' opinion style:nnIn 2005 Mr. Rosensteins' gallery caused controversy for displaying a Nazi solder themed art by an anonymous artist. Mr. Rosensteins claimed the First Amendment.u00a0 But we New Yorkers don't like Nazi promoter in Soho!!nnSee, it's easy to label someone. (if not knowing the whole facts)nnSteve Changn

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