Uncivil and dangerous

To The Editor:
On Mon., Oct. 10, I witnessed a hit-and-run at around 9 p.m. A motorcyclist headed south on Bowery was clocked by a motorist and sent flying. The motorist turned onto Prince St., never even stopped.

A few pedestrians (and me with my bike) went to help the motorcyclist as he sat dazed in the middle of Bowery, seemingly not hurt — although his bike was a mess. A few pedestrians used their cell phones to call the cops.

And what do the backed-up motorists immediately start doing before this poor cat has even caught his breath? Leaning on their f—— horns, of course.

This comes one day after a motorist tried to run me off the road, screaming at me, “The road is for cars!” Ironically, this happened on Church St., right in front of Ground Zero — just the kind of thing that New Yorkers famously didn’t do to each other for the first six months after 9/11, when we were all shell-shocked.

This s— makes my blood boil.
Bill Weinberg

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