Protesters must look within

To The Editor:
Re “Can’t deny Occupy” (editorial, Oct. 13):

While I am very supportive of the protesters’ grievances, angers, rage, etc., I am not in agreement that 1 percent of the population is inflicting economic “injustice” on the 99 percent.

The values and consciousness of the 100 percent, to a very large degree, are driving the seeming “injustice.”
Michael Gottlieb

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One Response to Protesters must look within

  1. "Is Trinity leadership afraid to take bold steps, because 12 members of the Vestry have challenged the poor, lack of prophetic, and increasingly small role of the present leader? These vestrymen (a term that includes the women) have expressed sorrow at calling the present leadership and wish they had started a new search. These bold folks are calling for renewal, open conversation, and objective review of the leadership and positions taken. These twelve bold members of the vestry have been punished by the leadership and told they will not be allowed to run for leadership in 2012. Eight members of the Congregational Council have also challenged the leadership on these five points; failure to preach the gospel, failure to retain staff and volunteers, failure to defend the Anglican tradition, failure to act on Christian values, failure to empower congregation and failure ot account for decisions. These members and those who agree with them have been sidelined. Only lastu00a0Monday did the leadershipu00a0communicate to the staff about their position on OWS and they failed to mention they had given orders for people to be arrested in the name ofu00a0Trinity. There is no transparency — and this is part of the lack of leadership mentioned by the Vestry. nMembersu00a0of the Vestry, Congregational Council and staffu00a0have continuously expressed a desire for a more prophetic and bold leadership, however, all thoseu00a0who speak truth to power are sidelined, fired, removed or punished. There is a climate of fear that occupies Trinity these days. Is this why the leadership of Trinity refuses to grant the wishes of OWS?u00a0When will Trinity be bold?"n

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