November 2 – 8, 2011

Auto assault
Police are seeking a man wanted in connection with an Aug. 21 auto incident on the Brooklyn Bridge where the victim was dragged along the roadway and lost an ear. The victim told police he was driving into Brooklyn at 12:45 a.m. when a black sedan slammed into the rear of his station wagon. He got out and started snapping pictures of the other car on his iPhone when the driver gunned the engine and began driving away. The victim grabbed onto the fleeing vehicle, which dragged him 50 ft. He lost his right ear and sustained abrasions to his chest, arms and face, police said

Wrong place wrong time
A man jumped up on the counter of the Dunkin Donuts at 321 Broadway at 7:48 p.m. Tues., Oct. 25, simulated a gun in his pants pocket and demanded money. An F.B.I. man was just coming into the store after getting off work at 26 Federal Plaza across Broadway and held the suspect, Jeremiah Palmer, 36. Police charged Palmer with robbery. Palmer was too disturbed to make a statement when he was arrested, police said.

Chinatown bank attempt
A man wearing a Chicago White Sox baseball cap, a gray jacket and sunglasses, walked up to a teller in the Chase Bank branch on Grand St. near Bowery around 8:20 a.m. Fri., Oct. 28 and demanded money, according to reports. He fled without taking anything after the teller hit the silent alarm.

Soho scooter theft
A man who parked his 2009 black Vespa on Wooster St. at Broome St. near his home around 9 p.m. Fri., Oct. 21 and went on vacation the following morning, returned 10 days later to discover the scooter had been stolen.

Occupy Wall St. incidents
A television news reporter setting up a location at 6:45 a.m. Fri., Oct. 28 in Zuccotti Park at Trinity Pl. and Cedar St. struggled with a suspect who tried to grab the microphone the reporter was holding, police said. Police arrested Dustin Taylor, 34, for attempted grand larceny. The suspect was holding a pen at the time and threatened to stab the victim in the face with it, police said.

A man filming the Occupy Wall St. event on Cedar St., between Trinity Pl. and Broadway around 1:45 p.m. Wed., Oct. 26 discovered that the computer bag he had placed at his feet had been stolen. He lost his laptop computer, a wireless device and a pair of sunglasses.

Police arrested a man, Christopher Mapp, 20, and a woman, Sade Adona, 25, on the northeast corner of Broadway and Reade St. during a demonstration around 10:35 p.m. Wed. 26 and charged them with obstructing government administration. The two were standing in the middle of the street with four other demonstrators and refused a police order to move. Mapp was also charged with assault for kicking two arresting officers.

Police charged Nkrumah Tinsley.29, with assaulting an officer around 9:30 p.m. Wed., Oct. 26 during a protest on Barclay St. between Broadway and Church St. Police said Tinsley was among 20 other protestors when he lunged at the cop, punched him in the face, knocked him down and then kicked him.

Police arrested Hasan Castillo, 23, of East Orange N.J. on Tues., Oct.25 and charged him with intimidating a woman, 24, in Zuccotti Park. Casillo was one of three men who threatened to kill the woman for having filed a complaint that resulted in the arrest of one of their friends. The arrest stemmed from an Oct.11 incident in which the woman and her friends were assaulted in the park. Police are still seeking two of Castillo’s accomplices.

Smoke break assault
A patron of Nebraska Bar, 15 Stone St., was taking a smoke break in the rear of the place around 1 a.m. Fri., Nov. 28 when he got into an argument with a man who hit him in the head with a bottle and fled after the victim’s woman companion intervened, police said. The companion identified the suspect as an employee of the bar.

Cell phone snatch
A woman, 42,was talking on her cellphone while walking on John St. between Broadway and Nassau St. near her home around 6:38 p.m. Fri., Oct. 28 when a man came up beside her, grabbed the phone and fled. The suspect dropped the stolen phone but picked it up and ran to Nassau St. where police arrested Joshua Rojas, 17, for grand larceny. The cell phone was recovered from the suspect.

Wallet gone
A visitor from Quebec was walking on Greenwich St. at Albany St. around 4 p.m. Wed., Oct. 26 when he discovered that his wallet was gone. He retraced his steps but was not able to find it. The wallet contained $200, credit cards and his driver’s license.

— Albert Amateau

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