Raps ‘hip-hop hypocrites’

To The Editor:
“Can’t deny Occupy” (editorial, Oct. 13) missed the irony that many of the celebrity visitors to the Occupy Wall Street protest, such as Kanye West and Russell Simmons, are multimillionaires.

Democratic Congressional Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (personal net worth $35 million), who supports the protest, has raised tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions over recent years from the same crowd.

They are all part of the 1 percent of America who Wall St. protesters claim are not paying their fair share of taxes that the other 99 percent of America contribute.

By the way, the infamous 1 percent already contribute 40 percent of all taxes paid. It is the billions in taxes on profits, income and bonuses that Wall St. companies and their employees pay that fund many of the essential public services we count on from both city and state government. Haven’t they already done enough?

Can’t some of the 46 percent of other Americans who pay $0 contribute something? Did the bright lights of Broadway, Hollywood, hip-hop and V.I.P. visitor celebrity status blind the protesters to these people’s hypocrisy?
  Larry Penner

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