O.W.S. taking a physical toll on the NYPD

1st Precinct Commander Edward Winski (in white) suffered a minor injury while arresting a demonstrator during an Occupy Wall Street march on Friday, Oct. 14. Photo by Cynthia Magnus

BY CYNTHIA MAGNUS  | Twenty NYPD officers have been injured in Occupy Wall Street related incidents, with five officers being hospitalized, in separate incidents, since the protest started last month, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the situation. The injuries sustained by the five, all of whom have since been released from the hospital, include hand and ankle injuries, and at least one head trauma, according to the source.

Two recent protest marches that resulted in police and protester injuries took place in Times Square on Oct. 15, and Downtown a day earlier on Oct. 14 when protesters marched down Broadway from Zuccotti Park toward the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the postponement by park owner Brookfield Properties to displace the occupiers and clean the park.

First Precinct Commander Edward Winski suffered a minor elbow injury when a protester fought with the deputy inspector while being arrested after refusing to move from the street to the sidewalk during the march. In addition to the charge of resisting arrest, the arrestee was charged with obstructing government administration and criminal mischief.

A police spokesman explained that it is illegal to block vehicular or pedestrian traffic. If protesters ignore police orders to move from the street to the sidewalk they can be summonsed or arrested depending on circumstances, he explained.

Bruce Bentley, an attorney with the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, who are providing legal observation and mass defense services for O.W.S., said, “I advise people, ‘if you go in the street, you might be arrested.’” Bentley also said that it was not the role of a guild observer to interact with police during an observation of police activity.

A second protester was arrested during the Oct. 14 march and charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property after grabbing and trying to leave with the megaphone Winski dropped while making the first arrest on Maiden Lane and Water Street.

Some O.W.S. protesters have criticized the NYPD for excessive force and other actions during marches and protests.
James Cohen, professor at Fordham Law School explained that police officers are “supposed to use just enough force to effect an arrest.” Cohen said that if an arrestee resists, “more force is justified in response.” Members of a crowd can also be arrested for interfering with a lawful arrest, according to Cohen.

While the round-the clock police monitoring of the occupation in Zuccotti Park and concurrent marches has drawn NYPD personnel from precincts citywide, the 1st Precinct has “the lion’s share of responsibility,” according to Anthony Notaro, President of the 1st Precinct Community Council.

The 1st Precinct handles over one hundred rallies, marches and protests per year without incident, according to the earlier police source.

On whether O.W.S. has ever applied for a street march permit, Bentley said, “I have not heard of people sitting down and applying for a permit. It doesn’t mean it has or has not happened.”

“We have not seen this number of arrests for any one event in years,” said Notaro of the O.W.S. related actions.

O.W.S. is supporting the October 22 rally at Union Square to protest police brutality.

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21 Responses to O.W.S. taking a physical toll on the NYPD

  1. nThe part about the 100 marches that have no incidents.nWhy can't these people in the park be like that,nand u00a0there would be no arrests and no injuries.nn

    • Yes there would, police are provoking innocent, non-violent people constantly for standing up for their OWN amendment rights. u00a0The NYPD are gorillas, they don't think like normal human beings, they are trained in brutality & force.

      • ignorant, ignorant, ignorant. u00a0The protesters are committing illegal acts then responding in violent ways when arrested. u00a0Sure, the police are the ones doing the arresting before the violence occurs. But would you rather them not enforce laws? u00a0It's not their fault the protesters respond with violence rather than give into being arrested.

      • If that's the case, that the NYPD are a bunch of "gorillas who don't think like normal human beings"… Then what does that make the OWS? A bunch of kool aid drinkers who are unable to think for themselves? Little sheep. Grow up. The police aren't the problem, they are just doing their job. The leaders of this country are the problem they are failing to do THEIR job. Wake up America!

        • Stop telling people to "wake up"– while you sleep soundly.u00a0 Youu00a0 make empty assertions without evidence and rope everyone there into your belittling dismissal.u00a0 Is this what happens when you "'grow up"?

          • Your missing the point. The OWS needs to get focused now instead of getting distracted and protesting against everything under the sun. The Republicans love that the OWS is all over the place, it weakens what they are trying to do and makes them look stupid. And if you need evidence just watch the news. Again wake up! 🙂 gotta love America!

          • I couldn't agree more!nnOWS needs to get the message down, get out of the park, now that they are close to havingu00a0n1/2 million dollars in their coffers find space, get some legitimacy, get rid of the crazies whou00a0nprofess violence and become an organized political force.u00a0nUnless they do that, I agree the right wing will do them in. The right wing has money, staying power and they are very disciplined.u00a0nThis whole thing will end up being for nothing unless they can develop this beyond a park protest.

  2. The last sentence is purposely very ironic. The protesters injure cops, yet it's OWS that gets the media brutality coverage. This really needs to stop. Why do people insist on treading so carefully with these people, who are essentially making fools of NYC? And now police are being injured. And then they get slammed in the media. Thank you for writing this article.

  3. Great article, the protesters seem to think that everything they do is just fine and nonviolent.nnThe protest of citibank was illegal.nThe protest in the private park was illegal.nnThe citibank is my favorite example. u00a0The protesters claim they were arrestedu00a0illegallyu00a0when a police officer wouldn't let them leave while he was waiting for backup. u00a0He didn't hit, grab,u00a0oru00a0physically push/hold anyone, just locked the door so they couldn't leave. u00a0All of a sudden the media sided with the protesters even though the protesters stated themselves that they were disrupting a private business, and were arrested by a policeman, without violence.

    • The whole basis of the protest is that the law favors the protection of private property, no matter how unjustly acquired, over social justice. This collusion between government and financial power is precisely what they are trying to change.

    • um…and you're totally ignoring the fact that they tried to close their bank accounts, and weren't ALLOWED TO? and that this is the reason the cops were called in the first place? is it really okay to NOT ALLOW people to close their bank accounts, and to detain them rather than let them leave? you're seriously okay with that?

  4. Police Brutality is a Social Dilemma …

  5. Did the protestors get their MTV yet??

  6. Practice what you preach, you crooked politicians!!!!! What's the use of being rich and living in luxury if you are simply being greedy and oppressive?! If I were you, I would relinguish some of my money and give it to those in need; I'd rather be doing things for and by the people instead of scheming on others. We need some leaders who are godly, caring, and have genuine integrity- NOT those who claim to know or dictate right from wrong. Besides, there's nothing good about greed. It's not only wrong in the eyes of every pro-American but also in the eyes of God, which it a sin. I'm sure everyone has heard about The 7 Deadly Sins, and greed is one of them. Luke 14:13-14 says, "Invite the poor, crippled, lame, and the blind, and you will be blessed." Why not give them something to somebody who is poor and needy but instead give to the rich? For the rich have more than enough to spare! How much more do you rich people need when you can give as much of your wealth/bare necessities to those in need? Proverbs 11:24 says, "give freely and become moreu00a0 wealthy; be stingy and lose everything."

  7. Sorry but "according to a law enforcement official familiar with the situation" is not the kind of sourcing that I find convincing.u00a0 Not sure it rises above hearsay. Note u00a0that among all that video the police, as well as everyone else, records, there are few instances of anything but nonviolence from protestors yet an avalanche of instances of police beating people.

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  11. mmm how come if I drove like that I would be arrested?Also if they were”trouble-making” selruy the police should have stopped and restored the peace.

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