Navigating an Occupied Wall Street

There’s no rest for Occupy Wall Street, which keeps growing each passing day. Drivers should be extra vigilant around Liberty Street and Broadway as the protests and surprise demos continue daily.

Hubert St. (which normally runs eastbound) from Collister to Hudson Streets is now closed through June 2012 as part of NYC DDC’s water main construction along Hudson. Drivers on Hubert coming from West Street should turn left on Washington Street and right on Vestry Street to get back onto Hudson or use Harrison Street over Hubert Street.

The South Inner Roadway to Brooklyn on the Williamsburg Bridge is closed 4 a.m. to noon weekends in October.

From the mailbag:

Dear Transit Sam,
I worked in NJ some years ago and when returning to lower Manhattan around 3 p.m. one day, I took the Harlem River Drive/FDR downtown. Around 125th Street by the RFK-Triborough Bridge, traffic always backs up. With the opening of the East River Plaza shopping center in Harlem on 116th Street and no reported major changes to the roadways, I am curious to know if traffic has worsened in that area?
John, Pearl St.

Dear John,
I have no evidence that traffic has worsened. Historically, the back-up at the FDR Drive southbound starts at 63rd Street and works its way back north. Once you pass 63rd St., it’s usually smooth sailing until south of Grand Street as the Brooklyn Bridge/Civic Center exit backs up. The Harlem River Drive southbound is a bit worse now because of ongoing construction on the Harlem River Drive’s southbound exit ramp to the RFK-Triborough Bridge.
Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,
What is the purpose of the police checkpoint at Broadway and Cedar Street? Anyone that sees the checkpoint and does not want to be stopped could make a left on Liberty Street, a right on Pearl Street, a right on Pine Street and end up on the other side of the check point without being checked. Is it just for show? I’m curious.
Dave, via e-mail

Dear Dave,
It’s there for the screening of trucks heading to Wall Street and has been in place since the September 11th attacks. All trucks must be verified as legitimate, have a bill of lading and be subject to inspection of their load and undercarriage. It is not a checkpoint for general traffic.
Transit Sam

Confused about ever changing traffic regulations and transit operations? Need help navigating around lower Manhattan? If so, send me an e-mail at or write to Transit Sam, 611 Broadway, Suite 415, New York, NY 10012

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