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To the editor:
It was disappointing to learn that New York City may only allow mini-Walmarts to open. If Home Depot, Ikea, BJ’s, Costco, Best Buy and Target can open full size box stores, why not Walmart as well? Too many elected officials, including New York City Comptroller Liu, Public Advocate de Blasio, Council Speaker Quinn and many of her Council colleagues are continuing to stand in the way. Walmart coming to NYC and perhaps Downtown Manhattan would provide work for construction contractors, their employees and thousands of the nine percent of New Yorkers currently out of work. The city would benefit by several hundred million dollars in new sales, payroll and real estate tax-generated revenues.

Walmart is the nation’s largest private sector employer with over 1.2 million employees and growing each year. Tens of millions of Americans, including many fellow New Yorkers own stock in Walmart. The same is true for the various retirement and pension plans many people participate in.

The starting pay at Walmart is between several dollars more and double the minimum wage for new employees around the nation. Promotional opportunities including training for higher paying managerial positions are common, and they offer health care and other benefits. Walmart may actually pay higher salaries and offer more benefits than some of their competitors.

Walmart consumers get a better bang for their buck, and many New Yorkers can’t afford to pay extra. They need the great prices, quality merchandise, and the affordable food and drug options that Walmart offers.

Several hundred thousand New Yorkers work off the books, full- and part-time, with no benefits or insurance. Many existing retailers pay minimum wage with no benefits, but public officials who oppose Walmart never talk about these abuses.

Consumers have voted with their feet all over America making Walmart the number one retail merchant success story it is today. Why not allow Walmart the opportunity to compete in the NYC marketplace as well?

For those opposed, don’t shop there, but give everyone else a choice.
Larry Penner

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  2. Perhaps this letter writer is a shill for the villainous Waltons; perhaps not. One has to wonder what this writer has up his sleeve when he LIES about the great way Walmart treats its workers. One thing is a proven fact: Walmart brutalizes the people who work for it. It destroys any attempts at union organizing, makes its employees work overtime for no extra pay, and destroys all industry around it. It is the LAST thing NYC now needs. THAT's why we must not allow Walmart to compete in the NYC marketplace. See the dvd: WALMART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE.

  3. Yeah, I did a quick Google search of "Larry Penner" and he's been promoting Walmart for months and months. If he were an ordinary citizen just saying giving "Walmart a chance" once or twice, but his name is EVERYWHERE re: Walmart. u00a0Hmmmmm…

    • Indeed!u00a0 Why this Penner character gets any ink here is beyond my comprehension.u00a0 Penner apparently is a very lonely person, who spends his time constantly writing Letters to Editor to every and any newspaper that will bother to print his railings.nnThis self-important guy doesn't even live in NYC.u00a0 He lives on Long Island.u00a0 Yet he constantly opines about issues here.u00a0 Why?nnDowntown Express a few years ago published his ramblings for a while, until the editor realized this guy'su00a0 m.o. and stopped publishing his rants. nnTime to renew that policy. Trees are too valuable to waste printing this guy's nonsense.

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