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To the editor,
In light of the recent events around Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna I have thought long and hard about highly contentious cases I have covered for over 25 years as a court artist for various news media organizations.

Many cases, including: John Delorean, Central Park Jogger, Raymond Donovan and others have been sensationalized and then subsequently the defendants have been exonerated.

This is especially troubling because so many times the defendant’s lives have been destroyed in the wake of their cases. I recall Raymond Donovan saying after he was found not guilty, “What office do I go to, to get my reputation back”.

The downtown community was familiar with Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna.

He was the Commanding Officer of the 1st Precinct for 5 years. When he moved on Community Boards 1 and 2, wrote resolutions that passed unanimously, commending and thanking him for his service to our community.

His accomplishments were numerous, including the 30 percent drop in major crimes in the precinct over his tenure. Before the court of public opinion indicts and finds him guilty let us step back and let the due process take over, realizing this is a commander with a solid track record downtown and dedicated service to our community.

It is something to bear in mind when balancing it against a single incident that we still do not completely understand.

Let’s just wait until all the facts are in.
Elizabeth Williams

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7 Responses to Wait for the facts

  1. I don't want to diminish Bologna's decades of service as a police officer, during which I have absolutely no doubt that he helped a lot of people in our community here in New York City. u00a0But the facts are in. u00a0The videos speak for themselves, and we don't need to wait for an investigation or a trial in order to know what happened.Take a look for yourself, if you haven't already :http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2011/sep/28/occupy-wall-street-anthony-bolognaThis one incident doesn't negate a lifetime of service. u00a0But the fact is that, as we can all plainly see, what Officer Bologna did that day was wrong, and he shouldn't have done it.n

  2. Really Elizabeth?nn"A 2001 report recovered by intelligence blog Cyptome claims Bologna nis "notorious for his previous treatment of protesters," and described nan allegation by the People's Law Collective that said Bologna shoved ntwo protesters before later returning to arrest them.nnAt the 2004 Republican Convention, Bologna was again cited for nunnecessary force, and stands accused of false arrest and civil rights nviolations in a claim filed in 2007."nnI think it clearly shows Anthony Bologna is a cop who feels protestors are an easy mark for his sadistic brand of police abuse.

    • Good for Elizabeth.u00a0 She makes some very important points here.u00a0u00a0And based on what we clearly saw inu00a0multiple videosu00a0from Weds night's debacle at B'way and Wall, these protesters are capable ofu00a0actions that require quicku00a0reaction.u00a0u00a0Weu00a0are not privy to all of the videos that show what happened up at Union Square before the pepper spray.u00a0u00a0u00a0

  3. the guardian…a reliable news source, u00a0already discovered that he has a record of this sort of thing… u00a0its not just one incident, its many. maybe you should make sure he doest have these previous indiscretions before you write something defending him.u00a0

  4. Good neighbors?u00a0 I wasu00a0woken up at 3 am Friday and 2 am Sunday.u00a0 Thanks.u00a0 I'll be sure to remember all of the elected officials who allow this to continue in all of their upcoming elections.u00a0

    • You might want to check the US Constitution, First Amendment first.nnRight to Assemble and Petition the Government for Redress. u00a0Stuff like that.Are you suggesting that be changed?

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