2009, Sluggishiness Threatens Progress

Shining a light on progress, even amidst an economic downturn The recession that gripped the country in 2009 did not bring the construction at the World Trade Center site to a halt. Though timelines did have to be altered, developers Silverstein Properties and the Port Authority made sure progress would continue.

The economic downtown was another blow to small businesses in 2009 and the Port Authority’s Executive director, Chris Ward, acknowledged it could alter the timeline for the World Trade Center site. But it was a tussle between the Port and Larry Silverstein that slowed activity at the site, as well as more negligence illustrated by a crane dangling from the W.T.C. site out above the street. Ultimately the two parties would reach an agreement and new target dates were set.
Newly elected President Obama did give residents some hope, as he vowed “never to forget” those with 9/11-related illnesses. He would eventually make good on that promise by signing into law the James Zadroga 9/11 Healthcare Act a little over a year later.

The Headlines of 2009 tell the story:

Explaining W.T.C. progress to tourists at the Tribute W.T.C. Visitor Center • W.T.C. ramp to ‘footprints’ becomes history as construction progresses • Port’s Chris Ward says recession could change W.T.C. timeline • Ground zero construction work to get more city review • Port moves toward opening 9/11 Memorial in 2011 • Silver says L.E.S. business are still hurting from 9/11 • Obama says he’ll ‘never forget’ those sick from 9/11 • Work stops after construction negligence: W.T.C. crane dangles over street • Economic downturn is second body blow to businesses recovering from 9/11 • Bustle and delay at the W.T.C. construction site • Former W.T.C. elevator motor that helped save thousands will go into 9/11 museum • W.T.C. faces decades of delay; Silverstein blasts Port • Ward fires back at Silverstein in W.T.C. fight • Port reports short-term W.T.C. progress • Fed up with W.T.C. delays, Silver says, build third tower now • Obama to delegate $70 million to 9/11 health in 2010 • W.T.C. Memorial worker injured in fall • Ups and downs of the W.T.C. construction negotiations to come • Demos for last two 9/11-damaged buildings approved • It was just an emergency drill, but the fear was real at the W.T.C./PATH station • W.T.C. talks focus on towers and money, not retail podiums • Work on W.T.C. Four continues despite impasses • Silverstein Executive Janno Lieber makes his case to C.B. 1: blasts Port plan, but sees some movement at W.T.C. • Rosie the Riveter redux: Women work it at W.T.C. construction site • Street work could delay 9/11 Memorial’s 2011 opening, official Joe Daniels warns • Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center report supports Silverstein in W.T.C. dispute • Two dozen of the big ones: 24 massive columns installed in Freedom Tower construction • Port finished with eastern W.T.C. excavations, says clock on Silverstein will start this week • Vendors beware: Official W.T.C. souvenirs for sale at new 9/11 Memorial Preview Site  • The ‘A’ List; memorial at the NYC Fire Museum • 9/11 Museum unveils new details • Manhattan Youth marks eighth anniversary with quiet ceremony • L.E.S. ‘beach pier’ won’t see W.T.C. steel storage • Queens imam — an alleged terrorist — loves U.S., says radical attorney Kuby • Thompson says, open Park Row and consult neighboring community • Bloomberg says his powers are limited at the W.T.C. • City raises doubts about moving W.T.C. Performing Arts Center • Silverstein breaks the silence in W.T.C. dispute • The money fight at the W.T.C.; Release of W.T.C. construction target dates • U.S.S. New York warship, built from W.T.C. steel, pays her respects • Rain and filters clean Downtown air since 2006, says L.M.C.C.C. • Port may consider early ban on W.T.C. tour buses • Downtown people and pols have mixed feelings on hosting 9/11 terror trials • One more 9/11 blight to go: 9/11-damaged Fiterman Hall is down • Silverstein makes W.T.C. bonds application to finance more building • Entrance to Liberty St. pedestrian bridge moved until 9/11 memorial plaza is finished • Chinatown activists press fight to move 9/11 terror trials

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14 Responses to 2009, Sluggishiness Threatens Progress

  1. Of course you're right. Construction nothing is able to stop …

  2. No construction will not cease to exist. If you fall one investor in his place immediately appears second. This order of things …

  3. The entire system threatens progress.
    I can say our gov performances are at least questionable.

  4. Construction is a fundamental part of the future.

  5. Construction is an integral part of the future, but not the most important …

  6. Everyone is talking about recession. I think it is a figment of the rich. Better to declare the recession than to pay money gray normal citizens.

  7. Recession is a fiction. Only the poorest citizens feel its effects.

  8. It is so constructed our world. Justice and goodness can experience only the second person, or someone close to you like a man of means.

  9. Recessions have artificially created the richest of the world to pay us less for their work. This is absurd twenty-first century.

  10. Construction is a sector that will never feel the recession.

  11. Obama pulling the wool over the eyes residents. Did nothing to improve sytaucję. I ended up empty words.

  12. Recession is a fiction of the present time. Do not listen to the media.

  13. A recession is a figment of the richest …

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