Frustration with Albany?

Jermaine Farrah, 30 – Tribeca
I think the Republican Party [was] to blame for the deadlock. I’m not saying that the Democrats have been as proactive as they should be, but you have to be reasonable in what you need to do in order to fix the deficits and move forward, and the Republicans aren’t being reasonable.

E. Henry, 56 – Queens
All of the politicians. They have to sit down and work together in any situation, whether it’s rent increase or gay marriage or whatever. It’s their job to sit down and work out some deals. The art of politics is compromise. They have to come together and solve problems, because that’s why we put them there, right?

Josh Waltz, 33 – Greenpoint, Brooklyn
I think it was because of people who are out of touch with their constituents. They allow their own personal biases to outweigh common sense.

India Eayrs, 27 – U.W.S.
I blame the politicians who get really nitpicky over tiny details, especially when they turn that into a power struggle to stop a bill that should clearly be going through. But in terms of whom I blame specifically, it’s hard to label people.

Downtown Express photos by Sam Spokony

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