Earth Day laws will protect State’s environment and improve health

A multi-pronged legislative package passed in honor of Earth Day aims to make New York State more environmentally friendly by banning the use of dangerous chemicals, setting  clearer policies for disposing of hazardous waste and protecting New York’s wetlands.

On Monday, May 2, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Environmental Conservation Committee Chair Robert Sweeney announced the passage of the package.

“This legislative package builds on the Assembly’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of New Yorkers and protecting our state’s natural resources,” said Silver, in a statement. “These measures will help preserve our natural resources and create cleaner, healthier communities.”

The package includes laws that would protect the State’s wetlands by giving the Department of Environmental Conservation authority over wetlands greater than one acre and requiring violators to repair damaged areas near wetlands. It also aims to improve recycling policies State-wide and provide cleaner water by establishing and promoting stricter standards for testing drinking water from private wells.

“New York should serve as a leader for practices that will create and maintain a healthy environment and improve the well-being of its citizens,” Sweeney said. “These measures will help give New York a brighter, healthier and more prosperous future.”


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